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Post-Christmas musings..


Top ten take-aways from the holidays:

#1- The insanely popular Hatchimal bird-toy is/was a piece of garbage. (Surprised?)

#2- Ham is way too salty.. why exactly is that? Can’t they use less? It’s not like people need to preserve it for a sail around the world.

#3- Drones are cool, but what’s the deal with the short battery life?

#4-I am able to keep eating long after it’s wise to do’s actually quite impressive.

#5-Our trash men are awesome! Every year I think this will finally be the one time they look at that pile of ours at the end of the driveway and just say “no.”

#6- Post Christmas depression is real.

#7-Next Christmas I will stick to a budget.

#8-Next Christmas I will simplify my holiday menu.

#9-Next Christmas I will NOT use cloth napkins.

#10-None of those three things above will happen.





9 comments on “Post-Christmas musings..

  1. #10 pretty much sums it up for my list of holiday resolutions too, Cindy. But at least we’ll give it the ol’ college try, right? 🙂 Happy new year to you!

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    • It’s problem is we have a traditional fondue dinner on the 24th, a traditional breakfast on the 25th..and then the big dinner that evening. None of these on their own are a big deal, but the three of them back-to-back is exhausting. This year I had most of the components prepared on the 23rd..and yet it still was stressful preparing dinner on the 25th.. (not having enough oven space is also an issue) Every year at this time I try to think of what I can tweak about Christmas day dinner..there are too many food options available, that’s part of the problem..oh well, just ignore I said, I will moan and kvetch about it and make zero changes… 😏-HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!!

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      • Ooof. No offense, Cindy, but the introvert in me is glad she’s not a member of your family. That sounds like so much work! I’m sure it’s a lovely time … but so. much. work.

        Well, enjoy another 11 months of kvetching before you have to do it all over again. 🙂

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      • yup- it’s a ton..and you’d be shocked if I told you I trimmed things back a few years ago..yes, there was was OUTTA control.

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  2. I do a big breakfast buffet on Christmas morning and prepare it the night before, so we order pizza on Christmas Eve. This year I suggested Chinese for Christmas dinner and my entire family revolted and offered to cook the entire dinner and ban me from the kitchen. I should have done that years ago!

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    • I just don’t see a way out of my fix. The fondue we do Christmas Eve is set in stone, as is Christmas morning (cinnamon rolls and an egg casserole made the day before) The only flexibility I have is’s usually for 10 -12 people. My problem is offering too many options AND making too much of each I think. We always have leftovers..I think if I cut down on volume and variety I could possibly make my life easier. This year I also made a chocolate bread pudding that had to be made 1/2 hour before baking and then served warm after dinner. I loved it, but prep was waaaaaay too much to add right before dinner. Usually desserts are ready to roll..I make a pie in the morning and then something chocolate.. I think if I trim around the edges of this beast I can manage..the way it is now is just too energy sapping. I can’t believe I used to do all this when the kids were little- although I do remember being exhausted beyond all reason. (PS- I wish my family would ban me from the kitchen..but I will say, they do dishes. 👍)

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      • Sounds like you just found a solution by cutting down the variety as that would definitely lighten the load. Is there anyone else who could make a dish or two to also lighten the load? My sciatica was really bad one Thankgiving, so my husband banded the four kids together and they all cooked ( with me giving detailed directions, setting the precedent that it could be done without me, lol . I do know that it felt so good to not be in the kitchen and instead watching my Steelers game on this hard holiday just weeks after my sister’s unexpected passing. Wonder if they’ll cook again next year?

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      • We were watching our beloved Steelers too..of course me from the kitchen as I was keeping a nervous eye on my bread pudding waiting for it to firm up in the middle..As far as others helping, it’s a real catch 22..too many people in the kitchen makes things tight..bigger problem is oven space. But like I said, I make too much. My mom always insists I get two hams so I don’t run out..but they take up soo much room in the oven. Next year one ham for sure. Speaking of sciatica..mine has never been better since I came back home to Florida..I know it’s not the weather..I honestly think between the cooking, running around and painting..I haven’t been able to sit down near as much as I may be up in Charlotte. What a blessing that is.

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      • that is a blessing, Cindy , glad you have sciatica relief. yes, the fear of running out makes us all over cook. I noted that this year and am making adjustments myself.

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