It’s the 2016 “Toy-of-the-Season!”😲

Now that my kids are grown, I can actually say “I love this..” I love seeing what the toy of the season is and watching frantic parents buzz around trying to secure it for their kids. This year’s winner is the Hatchimal, a seriously cheap looking, little fuzz thing that arrives in a plastic egg, eventually “hatches” and then needs to be taught a few things in order to “live.” (Can we be honest here? This thing looks like something you’d pick up with “the claw” & not off a shelf at Target..)



Ratings on Amazon are pretty luke-warm with one reviewer complaining that the thing never hatched and they were forced to perform a cesarian! (Imagine the trauma!)  Average price is north of $50, if you can find one..  Of course for those willing to pay more, E-bay is your best option but  it will cost you dearly.


For those who recognize that sinking feeling of having missed out on the toy of the season, “Jingle all the Way” is a great movie to watch about a negligent dad who tries to redeem himself in his family’s eyes by securing a “Turbo-man” for his son in time for Christmas.


Watching that movie reminds me of the year I couldn’t get my hands on an Easy Bake Oven for my daughter. The darn thing wasn’t even a new release, but they were in demand and I couldn’t find one anywhere! The longer I searched, the more desperate I became, until finally, just days before Christmas, they were suddenly available on I totally overpaid and then to add insult to injury, had it shipped FED-EX-Express to my house. Yup, the whole thing was silly crazy, but on Christmas morning, when my little girl tore into that package and saw that oven, her face lit the little lightbulb inside that stupid oven.


Yes folks, I was the hero for about 14 hours…which was approximately the length of time it took to bake a cookie in that dumb, over-priced, over-hyped, plastic box with a bulb inside that got tossed in the garage sale pile about a year later..which is where half of these Hatchimal-whatchacallits will end up as well…

HO, HO, HO! 😏


The Easy-Bake Oven is a working toy oven which Kenner introduced in 1963, and which Hasbro still manufactured as of late April 2016.[1] The original toy used an ordinary incandescent light bulb as a heat source; current versions use a true heating element. Kenner sold 500,000 Easy-Bake Ovens in the first year of production.[2] By 1997, more than 16 million Easy-Bake Ovens (in 11 models) had been sold.[3]





photocredit:Disc Dish,feiloli.weebly.comForbes,Maeg’s View –

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  1. I remember the Cabbage Patch doll madness. People got HURT, man….

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    1. Cindy says:

      this thing looks like a piece of junk- pure marketing magic.

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      1. It really does….but the heart wants what the heart wants….I guess???

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