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Making a list, checking it twice..

My Christmas list isn’t very long this year.  There are some things I’d love to have:

a set of copper mugs,

a fitness tracker because I keep forgetting my phone,

a dog….

A DOG?!?!?!

I know, I know..that’s crazy, forget it, scratch it!

My new floors look awesome..

it’s cold and rainy out there, and I don’t have to step a foot outside.

no dog hair to vacuum..

no slobber to wipe up,

no halitosis

no vet bills..

no petsitting arrangements to be made..




AWWWWWW!!!!! 😍






.photocredit:Cuteness Overflow




6 comments on “Making a list, checking it twice..

  1. Lol, I swear, this is my last dog (9yrs old ) and If I want a warm blooded animal , I am sticking with a rabbit… My list isn’t very long because my response to my sister’s passing was to buy myself the weighted blanket for better sleep and the Himalayan Salt lamps…lol DH was told months ago about an amethyst ring, so we will see.

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