My favorite things..

are old and worn..

My go-to jeans with thinning white knees,


my bible with its taped on cover and  fragile pages,


my moccasins with holes at the toes.


Wear is symbolic..

of being valued and well loved.


I once had an old house coat that had been washed so often the butterflies printed on it literally disappeared.

I used to joke that they flew away.


So I guess it makes sense..

that I’m more comfortable and content as a 54 year old than I’ve been at any other age..


And yet..

and yet..

for SOME dumb reason..

I want my face to look like a brand new pair of tight leather pumps. 😕





photocredits:eighteen and life,Fox News Magazine,,Pinterest,Cut Out + Keep,Huffington Post UK


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  1. Ditto… (she says as she tugs her ears back to make her face stay up)

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    1. Cindy says:

      It’s one of life’s great ironies…emphasis on the iron…😏

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