Life is “funny”..

..isn’t it?

Our master bathroom remodel was FINALLY nearing completion. The shower enclosure had just been installed, and as the glass-guy was leaving he told me we’d have to wait 24 hours for the glue to dry before using it.  I laughed and told him I had waited so long, waiting one more day was NO big deal…

Little did I know it would be three weeks before I stepped into that shower.

It was early the next morning (Tuesday) that Hurricane Matthew started looking a bit ominous and I decided to drive down to Florida to shutter our home which was a process  MUCH more flawed and involved than we ever imagined it would be..


My daughter and I wound up evacuating to the Tampa area (Thursday) where she had accepted a new job..no lie-THE NIGHT BEFORE..and we spent a hectic week-end searching for (and finding) an apartment for her to live in.

Back on the east coast the following Monday, she gave her two week’s notice.  I helped her pack up her belongings, cleaned up minor landscaping debris (we were SOOO blessed it wasn’t worse!)  and 14 days later, followed her back out west towing a U-Haul trailer full of her belongings. We spent the next 5 days cleaning up the apartment, organizing utility hook-ups, purchasing necessities, hanging pictures and figuring out important stuff like where’s the nearest grocery store, hardware store, Target and Paneras!

I finally got my first shower in our “new” bathroom when I dragged my sorry, exhausted, aching self back up Interstate 95 to Charlotte this past Friday.

My daughter starts her new job today. 😀

Yeah, Life is “funny”…

Master bathroom before:

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Master bathroom after:


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I am happiest with the faux wood, tile floor. I ordered this sandy colored version online and got a great price compared to our local tile shop. Each piece has a unique design with white and gray veins running through and creates interest on the floor without being overwhelming. I was originally going to go with a white marble counter, but felt I had to choose between having visual “movement” on the floor or the counter- not both. The gray counter also provides some “weight” to an otherwise very light room. (no window) The shower floor is tumbled marble which adds more soft color, texture and interest. New soaking tub is the absolute bomb- I have NEVER relaxed in anything that comfortable.

This was the last major project to be completed in this town home- finished just before our ONE year anniversary of moving in November, 2015!

So yes, that’s a celebratory martini ..🎉



14 comments on “Life is “funny”..

  1. Wow, yes life can be very funny. I think having to wait for things really makes us appreciate them more. The remodel is fantastic!

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  2. YAY! Congratulations on all the good news, Cindy. I hope you will be able to enjoy your new beautiful bathroom for many, many years without any further interruptions (especially hurricanes).

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    • I have taken three baths in three days. I’d like to say I was soaking in scented bubbles, but it was Epson salt (Epsom?) for my achy muscles..Did I mention my daughter’s apt is on the 3rd floor?..with no elevator??? 😨..and it was just the two of us unpacking 2 cars loaded to the roof and a U-HAUL?? We both had shin splints SOO bad..after two days, we were walking like we had potato chips in our pants..HAHA

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      • Potato chips in your pants!? HA HA. What an image, Cindy! 🙂 Well, sorry to hear about the sore muscles. But hopefully you’ll recover quickly — and hopefully your daughter won’t move again for *years.*

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      • OH- I told her..luckily the apt complex is awesome, so that and her (please God) great new job should keep her “in place” for a while. I’m not getting any younger here..those stairs were KILLER! I keep waiting to wake up to dancer’s legs from all the climbing..nothing yet- I’m losing hope.

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      • Hang in there, Cindy. I’ve heard that it takes *at least* five days to sprout dancer’s legs after a strenuous workout. LOL.

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      • well, I’ll give it a few more days. I’m not picky..dancer’s legs- buns- abs- whatever..I just want a reward of some kind.

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  3. The bathroom looks absolutely fantastic!!!!! Enjoy your cosmos relaxing in that gorgeous tranquil place!

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  4. Moving is horrendous work. Really, U-Haul should partner with Weight Watchers and sell moving help as a fitness program.

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    • FOR SURE! I wore a soft back brace the entire time..I KNOW it helped me..not so much with the shin splints..but it felt good to have that extra support. My daughter is SOOO happy..oh man, it was all worth it!


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