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Quick & easy guest bathroom update

This room was actually fun to refresh; nothing too involved, too expensive or too drawn out. We didn’t have to wait for contractors, place special orders or conquer unexpected problems. We simply wanted to update the space and create a neutral, clean, spa like atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

The tile  floor had to stay so the grout had to be cleaned.. about three times with various products.  White grout paint was applied in the shower to brighten it up as well. Walls and trim were repainted in lighter, more reflective tones. We replaced the UGLY speckled Corian counter top with a  wood (maple) counter option from Lumber Liquidators that was stained and protected with 5 coats of low gloss poly.  I was going for a somewhat beachy, laid back look.. We used a stain called ‘weathered oak’ by Minwax to enhance the grain and add a hint of color.


The above counter sink was ordered from Signature Hardware.  This was an important choice as the cabinets were strangely low (short.) Placing the sink on top of the counter brought everything up to a more normal height.   Chrome sink faucet and new bathtub fixtures are from;  a truly great online company to do business with.

Round mirror is from Amazon- light from LampsPlus, (only $99 which I thought was a great deal.) We exchanged the over head, ceiling lights with much brighter LEDs, but the LampsPlus light alone emits a much softer glow, perfect for early morning when you don’t want to be blinded by high wattage glare. All new chrome hardware on cabinet doors is from Blackhawk Hardware store in Charlotte.

Simple frame above is from Michaels with a photo to remind me of home.  Other knick-knacks were picked up at Home Goods, including a thick, towel-like shower curtain.  Actual towels were a gift from my mom (Bed, Bath & Beyond) and are as super soft and luxurious as the bathrobe hanging on the door..all of them just waiting to envelop my daughter– who is coming up to visit next week!

Lastly, my husband was able to remove the bathroom mirror without damaging it, so we decided to use it in the hall. We created a frame from Home Depot trim and stained it the same weathered oak color that we used on the bathroom counter.  Being able to use this mirror was a happy, unexpected and useful bonus as we have no other large mirror in the house. (Trust me, as you get older, it’s important to double check that you’ve got the same color shoes on before you walk out the door!) 👠👠 👍


6 comments on “Quick & easy guest bathroom update

  1. Love it!!!

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  2. Wow tottly stunning make-over
    U r soo good at it

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    • You are too sweet..and GREAT for my EGO!!! 😎 HA! Our master bath is almost finished, so those pics will be coming soon..this project took a lot longer, mostly due to delays in finding anyone willing to lay tile!!! All the trades are busy where we live, lots of construction going on.

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  3. Nice work. I know how much sweat and elbow grease go into all that!


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