Knock, knock – Who’s there?


Yesterday morning I attached a verse from the bible to the end of my daily post; it was 1 Peter 4:10.


What followed was a super busy day as we had been gone all week-end visiting our daughter in Virginia. At 4pm, after I was finished with all my running around town, I went to the gym.  Our YMCA has a large bowl at the front desk filled with little folded strips of paper, each with a verse from scripture. I always grab one as I head out the door after my work-out, and yesterday was no different.

What are the chances, with the thousands of verses in the bible,  that I’d pull out a strip of paper with the same exact verse from my post earlier that morning?


Well, that’s exactly what happened.

I feel like God may be “knocking at my door” with a message He wants me to hear..

I’d better go answer, huh?








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