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You know it’s time for glasses…

If you’re a hen and you sit on a random puppy instead of your chick..



14 comments on “You know it’s time for glasses…

    • Thank goodness my daughter was with me in the hotel- she’s the one who caught my mistake. I probably shouldn’t pack unsupervised…

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      • I thought I was the only one! I think it’s a frazzled Mom thing. Thanks for this. You made me laugh today!😊

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      • Oh, I was exhibit “A” of frazzled mom craziness, but now that the kids are grown- most of my foibles are vision related…you know wearing a shirt inside out all day, 2 different shoes on..that kind of thing. Hotels are the scene of many of my issues lately (bad lighting)..washing my hair with body lotion, trying to gargle with a big swig of my mom always says, “it’s funny until someone pokes their eye out..” At least that hasn’t happened- yet.

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      • Me too! I wore two different colored sandals and did not notice until the end of the day (no one else did either which was good). What can we say…it gives us character?!

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      • YUP!! 👍

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  1. the story of my life…..)

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  2. Yes! This stuff happens to me too. I use two different toothpastes, one is more concentrated fluoride that I use at night and don’t rinse after. So add that to the normal mix and it makes it even harder not to screw up. Ha. Let’s reserve our adjacent nursing home rooms now. 😉

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    • HAHAHA!!! Seriously depressing! I keep telling myself that I’m not falling apart..but then the dentist tells me yesterday I have some cracks in my back teeth and that there are “crowns” in my future…WHAAAAT??? That’s for old people!!! The only crown I’m interested in Queen Elizabeth’s..sheesh! (no more hard pretzels for me…😦)

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      • You must have pretty good teeth! I have had crowns for a number of years. I also have 2 implants. Genetic gum disease and bad teeth. Both my sister and I have spent thousands of dollars on our mouths. 😦
        I have been falling apart for years.


  3. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve stopped to pet the cat at the end of the bed…and discovered it’s a sweatshirt. (I’ve never been able to see well so I don’t relate bad vision to age….)

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    • Oh Katie- that IS bad, and I can totally relate. My husband, like you, has always had vision’s actually very different to suddenly “go fuzzy” later in life. At first I kept rubbing my eyes..I actually had this felling that I could just rub it away if I got suntan lotion in my eyes.. Yesterday, we got out of the car and I accidentally dropped my glasses on the sidewalk (from my lap) not only did I not see them (my husband thankfully did) I didn’t hear them drop either….oh,oh. 👵🏽


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