Ryan and Bill..a study of famous liars.

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte, the American swimmer currently embroiled in a humiliating, international scandal over his false report of being robbed in Rio, is probably too young to remember the President of the United States,  Bill Clinton, appearing on TV, angrily wagging his finger at the cameras and proclaiming “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”


If Ryan has never read about the President’s affairs, subsequent lies, perjury, obstruction of justice, impeachment by the house of representatives and  disbarment from ever practicing law again -he should- it will give him hope for eventual redemption.

Ryan’s buddies should also pay special attention to the role first lady Hillary Clinton played as well, fully supporting her husband’s fabrications, blaming Republicans for a “vast right-wing conspiracy”  and publicly referring to Bill’s victims and accusers as a “bimbos.”


So there’s hope Ryan..

It may be bumpy for a while, and you may leave these Olympics “not just broke but in debt” as Hillary described her departure from the White House- but hang in there..things will get better. Obviously, the Clintons were both able to transform their desperate PR disaster into extremely lucrative careers.

Maybe one day you too can run for public office.


DISCLAIMERFor those who are unfamiliar with my sarcastic side, both of these stories above are deeply distressing and an embarrassment to our country. How talented people can toss everything they’ve worked so hard for down the drain with careless, self indulgent, behavior is beyond my ability to understand. And while I’m all for forgiveness, the thought of Bill Clinton back in the white house as “first laddie” (as he says he wants to be called) makes my head & stomach hurt. Of course I cannot get myself to pull the lever for Trump either and am profoundly disappointed that Americans are faced with the horrific choice of either an ethically or intellectually challenged president.






2 comments on “Ryan and Bill..a study of famous liars.

  1. Yes, your sarcastic side was evident to me… I literally did a squeal of delight and a happy dance yesterday when my son looked up the date for the debate between the current choices ( I am in a delusion of my own creation that perhaps we will wake up and be told this was a joke and we have all new candidates) . September 26 while the debate fiasco is going on I will be in Bermuda away from all technology!

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    • Oh, I too have prayed for some miracle shake-up and new choices. This is just sooo UGLY. How lucky that you will miss the debates!!!!! 👯

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