Have you ever lost sight of the shore?

My husband and I were out on our small boat, heading off to fish beyond the reef, when a sudden shift in the wind blew thick smoke from inland brush fires out to sea completely obliterating any view of the coast. I was immediately terrified..all landmarks  were gone and I instantly had no idea where we were.. or where we were heading. It was as if someone wiped the numbers off a clock and I was desperately trying to figure out what time it was.

When you lose sight of the shore, you need to depend on yourself and the equipment you have.  My husband, a Navy veteran, had plenty of equipment and thank goodness knew how to use it.  Before too long, but not soon enough as far as I was concerned, we saw bits and pieces of the shoreline emerging through the gray clouds. I was in a near state of panic, my husband was having a blast.

I’m a landlubber at heart- let’s face it. I like the familiar, the steady, the consistent, the unchanging…yes, the boring.  But I’m trying to build up the courage to untangle myself from my moorings and be more comfortable floating away from the predictable and the safe.

I’m trying to teach myself to be more comfortable “losing sight of the shore”…and to trust God and myself and those around me – more.










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