A simple, cheap, effective “tool” in the ongoing Battle against Wrinkles

I have tried everything. I have even tried making peace with them. Nothing works.

Wrinkles drive me nuts. 

I have also had a box of Frownies in my bathroom for years, and recently started using them again- this time every night-( well, almost every night.)

I’m just going to be honest, I have no idea why these help, but they do. I would say I see a 40%-50% improvement in the lines around my mouth..and that ain’t nuthin’.

Maybe having “paper” stuck on your face forces you subconsciously to sleep on your back. Maybe gently pulling the wrinkle lines apart a bit for an extended period of time allows the skin in that area to return to it’s normal, youthful shape.

I have no clue why these are effective.

Applying Frownies as directed won’t make wrinkles disappear completely and the results ARE temporary..but all I can tell you is if you put these on every night, you should see  improvement..

I do.

Frownies are available on Amazon, and I noticed there is another similar product, “Smoothies” also for sale.  They are really not that expensive-especially when compared to some of the creams I have purchased-and like I said, for reasons I cannot fully understand, these crazy things seem to work pretty well.

One note of caution:

You will look like a paper totem pole face while wearing these..

just sayin’



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