Iron Maidens


My hands were deep into a sink of dirty dishes and before I could get done- I got hooked.

I never watch (or play) golf, but the US Open was on TV and as I scrubbed my way through the stack of sticky pans I had used for brunch yesterday I found myself getting drawn in..not so much by the game, but by these talented young women with nerves of absolute steel.

Two of the ladies, an American named Brittany Land and a Swede, Anna Nordqvist ended up in a “play off” where they both shot equally as well until Anna was penalized for some super-crazy, sand-trap penalty and ended up losing to Brittany.

Like I said, I’m not a golfer, but what struck me was not only the women’s calm demeanor under extreme pressure, but their graciousness both in winning and losing.

When they interviewed a clearly disappointed Anna after the game was over, she discussed the major penalty in matter of fact terms and simply stated at the end “that’s golf.”

In a world that seems drawn to hyperventilation and chaos, self-centered drama and total lack of personal control, it is so refreshing to see people who maintain a firm grasp on their own behavior and a keen sense of “life-context” ..especially when the going gets tough.




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  1. I think it would take more than one sink full of dishes to get me to watch golf. But I appreciate the sentiment all the same 🙂

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    1. Cindy says:

      Yeah.. golf is a bit slow..and all that whispering drives me crazy! Last time my husband was watching golf I kept hearing this noise every time I walked past the was the goodyear blimp!!..can you imagine a sporting event so quiet you can hear the blimp up there?? HAHA! I’m more of an NFL girl myself..but hey, it’s slim pickins’ in the summer and frankly baseball isn’t much more exciting on TV..

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      1. Amen to that. NFL all the way! Bone-crunching bodyslams for everyone!

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      2. Cindy says:

        HAHA!! worries about hearing the Goodyear Blimp up there that’s for sure.

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