Get me Coffee Beans.. quickly!

You know how when you smell too many colognes at the perfume counter, they offer you that little jar of coffee beans to inhale?


A few quick whiffs supposedly “resets” your nose, erases nasal confusion and basically allows you to start smelling again with a “fresh palate.”

Oh, how I wish they had the equivalent of coffee beans at the tile store.


I have come to the conclusion that part of my problem when it comes to interior design is that I’m too rigid. I get an idea in my mind and then set out to locate the components (flooring, counters, shower tile etc) to turn that concept into reality. Ten times out of ten, one or more critical pieces of that puzzle is unavailable.

I have started over from scratch three times now, each time moving further and further away from my original vision. It’s hard to tell if I’m compromising at this point or allowing myself to be flexible and “grow.”

This whole thing is giving me head AND stomach aches.

I don’t know what I’m so worried about, no matter how it ends up -we’ll get used to it. And it’s our master bathroom for heaven’s sake..I mean it’s not like guests are going to be barging in there to critique my aesthetic…if this even turns into something half-way representative of whatever my aesthetic even is.

Aw heck, we’ve had a bathtub sitting in our living room for the past three weeks and not only am I noticing it less and less..I’m actually liking it more and more!- 😉 Maybe I’ll buy a few pillows to toss in there since I think it’s gonna be there for a while… What am I saying?  I’d have to figure out what color would match best…






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