The Brownie Queen


I think my daughter’s on to something. Every time she goes anywhere, she brings brownies..and they are always REALLY, REALLY good.

Now mind you, these aren’t “homemade-homemade”..these are from a box, but trust me, the brand she finally settled on as her go-to brownie mix is the result of years of “research” and testing.😛

yes, dark chocolate.

And so this is what she’s famous for, brownies that are chocolatey, smooth and dense..This girl knows how to bake them..she is the undisputed brownie queen.

It reminds me of an old neighbor who was a busy mother and physician. She made pies like nobody’s business with a crust that was just this side of perfection.

Her pies were her claim to fame.

Some of us are always trying to be perfect at absolutely everything; it’s exhausting and ultimately unattainable. What a brilliant idea to focus on (and get really good at) one thing and make it our signature offering.




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  1. That IS a great mix. I could eat the batter with a spoon!


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