Gratitude in waiting.

Yesterday I spent about 45 minutes in a waiting room at the ENT’s office. When we finally got in to see the doc, he apologized for the delay and explained they had been dealing with a little boy who had stuck something deep into his ear and it took a while to extract it.

Just hearing the story made my knees buckle..God bless that doctor AND those parents.

God bless all the parents who were in the waiting room with their kids yesterday, almost all of whom were in some form of distress most likely from ear aches and infections. One teen, who was quite literally about to cough up her lung, was laying down across three seats wrapped in a red blanket she brought from home. I watched her tired looking mother fill out the paperwork and calmly wait for their appointment.

God bless that mom.

They say if you have your health, you have everything. Not sure that’s 100% accurate, but the truth is when you are sick, or when your kid is sick, “regular” life..whatever that is… gets completely torqued out of shape. Routines are blown, worry takes its toll, sleep becomes elusive.

Just as we were being called, I noticed a young couple with a baby carriage approaching the front desk. Their adorable son sat straight up in his seat staring at all the commotion in the busy room. I smiled at the little boy as he looked my way and noticed he had a device attached to his neck helping him breathe. “Oh dear Jesus, please bless these parents.”

I’ll admit it, I was initially annoyed that we were having to wait so long to see the doctor..but in a strange twist, the longer it took, the more reasons I saw to be oh so grateful.

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