Touching Base


Had I seen a man holding a sign like that on our way home from Lowe’s this past Saturday, I would have probably run over his toes trying to speed to the “window.” I would have ordered up a NUMBER ONE, TWO and THREE of whatever was on the prayer menu. To say I needed a Happy Meal from heaven is a major understatement.

And yet, even though I was overwhelmed and wracked with negativity all week-end long, I couldn’t seem to get my rear-end to church on Sunday…We got “busy” with stupid stuff around the house and before you knew it, well..

As I read my devotional last night, the author discussed being in “constant communion” with God. Of course she doesn’t mean that we should literally be running up the aisle every second for actual communion, but that we should be in a ‘communion state of mind’ intimately connected to God in prayer and always being “fed” by His life changing word.

When my eldest daughter was a little girl, we would take her to a beautiful park near our San Diego home. She was a shy little thing, so every five minutes or matter what she was doing..she’d run back to where we were sitting and “touch base.” Just connecting with us and feeling the reassurance of our presence gave her the courage she needed to head back out to explore and play. This is the idea of constant communion.

Some may think the concept of “drive-thru” prayer is heresy but I actually think it’s great!  It’s simply one more way to touch base with God and another opportunity to tap into His love, grace and wisdom… for those who might never go to a service,  or then again, those simply too busy  with dumb, stupid stuff to get there. 😕

Relationships of any kind are made of both big and little moments..staying close to God is too.





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  1. Tammi Kale says:

    So true….great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy says:

      Thank-you Tammi! 💜


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