Green thumb-no garden.

My husband and I moved up to Charlotte last year around the same time our youngest left for college. We live in a lovely little town home community just south of the city and have been slowly  remodeling; room by room. It’s been fun, busy and all in all a pretty smooth transition.

But town home living comes with its restrictions, and I have already come face to face with the one that’s going to bug me the most. We are not allowed to plant ANYTHING!!!! outside of our own private patio area.  Now trust me, I get it. They want the place to look a certain way and definitely don’t want some homeowner planting an herb garden by their front door only to let it go wild…

I get it, I get it, I get it, I hate it.


When I was born I’m sure I was all pink with the exception of one of my thumbs. Not to imply that I’m a master gardener by any stretch, I just LOVE gardening and flowers and I miss not having my hands deep in the dirt.

I am a gardener at heart with no flowers at home..which is exactly how I would describe what it feels like when your last child flies the coop. My entire adult life has been centered on raising our four kids..and when the last one left, well there I was- all dressed up with no one to counsel, carpool or cook for. “Wait a minute” I’m thinking, “I still have poster paper and car window paint in school colors and way too many boxes of brownie mix for you to leave now!”

What do you mean, there’s no garden?

Not that we haven’t been busy with “other things”

and eating brownies on our own..

we have.

Not that I’m not happy.. I am.

Not that I feel like shoveling manure (figuratively or literally) today… I really don’t.

But I am a gardener,

and I miss my roses.







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  1. I am not at all a gardener, just a lover of a handful of houseplants. I can imagine how restrictive this must feel. I have a friend whose husband loves gardening and expanded to other family members yards to not overdo his own. Hoping you find a way to carry on this wonderful hobby.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Well…I’ll be heading home for a bit in there will be some gardening (weeding I’m sure) to catch up with down there.. It’s not like I want to plant a botanical garden up here..but NOTHING extra is allowed..NOT ONE THING!


      1. Sad who could be so against flower gardens? Enjoy the time in May!

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