The Week-End Getaway

Well, we finally made it.  After a few cancelled attempts due to weather, work and stuff going on with the house..we were FINALLY able to escape to Savannah for a relaxing, romantic, week-end get-away.

Savannah lives up to every expectation, every time we go. This city is so many things to so many people;  clearly a destination for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, artists, musicians, foodies, history buffs and lovers of all ages.

In fact, it’s that palpable love in the air that truly is the magic ingredient.

If you are young, you’re inspired by the older couples whispering and snuggling as they meander through the picturesque squares..if you are older, you can’t help but reminisce as you are surrounded by wedding parties rushing to their respective churches and girlfriends posing with their boyfriends for selfies at most every fountain.

It also just so happened to be prom week-end.

Savannah is a unique stage to be sure,  locals and visitors alike playing  starring roles in maintaining its sultry southern ambiance.

First things first- A Savannah tea at Rocks on the Rooftop.


A sudden rain shower

There was a chalk festival/competition in the park- The photos below were taken during the day and then again at night as we walked back to the hotel…yes, this is chalk- on the concrete path..and it was all gone the next day.




You’ve gotta have great walking shoes..

…and be ready to eat !!! One of our favorite restaurants is the Pink House. The room we ate in has the most extraordinary gold and silvery, hand painted wallpaper you have ever seen.  It literally changes color as the sunlight fades in the windows, and has this surreal, three dimensional glow at night.

Love, fun, family, friendship..a celebration of life on every street.

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