This is Us

Another moving van..

There’s this strange and hollow feeling when movie stars and musicians we grew up with suddenly die.

It’s like watching a longtime neighbor down the street abruptly move away.

Even if you weren’t that close

you were used to seeing his car in the driveway..

his lights on at night,

the wreath hung on his front door.

Yes, even if you weren’t that close –

he was part of the fabric of your life.

And when that truck filled with his stuff

rumbles out of sight..

you can feel the quiet emptiness

of his darkened home

in yours.




9 comments on “Another moving van..

  1. What a beautiful poem you’ve penned, Cindy! And so true. Although I wasn’t a huge Prince fan, I do feel as if a HUGE van has driven down the street and off into the horizon.

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    • Thanks’s weird..I feel the same. I myself wasn’t a huge fan either, but he was “in” my my car, on MTV, in the feels strangely personal.

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  2. Very well said! His music is a part of the fiber of my life.

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  3. The locals are really mourning here. It’s so…I keep saying “surreal” but I don’t have a better word….

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