Slow..quick quick..slow..

My husband and I have been taking ballroom dancing lessons. This was my Christmas present, but it took us until Spring to find.. ( no, to make ) ..the time to actually schedule our first lesson and go.


It’s been good- really good– even tough we stink. 😏


Let’s face it, we aren’t vying for a spot on dancing with the stars, we just want to expand our 1970’s high school repertoire of dated disco moves- and have FUN!


There’s also something to be said about taking up a challenge with your partner where success can only be achieved through intense cooperation and non verbal communication. With each passing week, my husband has continued to grow more comfortable (and assertive) in his position as “lead” and I have had to learn to follow.  TRUST ME, that has been a very real struggle..especially if I know we are doing something “wrong.”  But that’s the beauty of the whole thing..I am learning that instead of pointing out every mistake and bringing the ‘whole dance’ to an obvious and screeching halt..I can follow my husband’s steps and trust him to guide us back on track.

Yes,  of course there’s a bigger life lesson here..And while me and my fella may not ever achieve that elusive state of the final analysis, no one can make my skirt flare like he can! ❤️











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  1. So cool. I’ve always wanted to try this!

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    1. Cindy says:

      I told a friend, it really is everything I had always thought it would be. I also just noticed the studio’s e-mails, which have been going to my junk file..there are so many fun social activities they offer in addition to just your lesson. I really recommend it. The ONLY problem is that lessons are very expensive..but at some point, we can downgrade to group lessons and then just do the other fun stuff.

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