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Kitchen Remodel

Phew..this one took a while.

The most aggravating part of any remodel is waiting for people and product and accommodating delays in both. Months ago I read an alarming article about Iran and its nuclear reactors.  The author stated that Tehran could get all the plutonium it needed for a bomb in just four months.

Shoot.. I couldn’t get a pick-up truck’s worth of good old American, standard, kitchen cabinets delivered in four months!!

As if to drive home how long Lowe’s was taking, a brand new hotel under construction down the street went from dirt to four stories quicker than I went from order to installation… talk about having it rubbed in your face every day when you take your walk..

But we are finished, and right now that’s all that matters.

Before and after pics:

New counters, flooring, LED lighting, backsplash, sink, appliances. (I tried to save the stove..I did!)

Added butler’s pantry in empty room off kitchen where previous owner kept his dogs.

Had to keep the kitchen cabinets- (that many new cabinets would have been way too expensive.)








11 comments on “Kitchen Remodel

  1. Wow, that turned out BEAUTIFUL! I’m really impressed, Cindy.

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    • THANK-YOU! Notice the minimalist theme continues? HAHA!!!

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      • Yes! I found myself secretly coveting your bare counters … until I remembered that commandment about “they shall not covet thy neighbor’s bare counters, nor their new oven, nor their tidy sink.” 🙂

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      • HAHA!! Keep in mind, I got the clutter going on you can’t pat me on the back too hard. Now I will say I tried to rescue the oven they had wasn’t that old..but just filthy…disgusting…gross. I wrote about it last year and posted the foul pictures. We dismantled that sucker to clean all the grease out, get the dog hair removed from between the glass panes..I mean it looked great when I was done..BUT it couldn’t bake worth a darn after all that. I couldn’t turn it on without the alarm going off to test it first before cleaning, so I went though all that agony for nuthin’..oh well. Just part of the process.

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      • You’re such a good sport to go through all that and call it “just part of the process.” (Dog hair in the over. Seriously?!) I say you deserve every square inch of that fancy new kitchen!

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  2. Kimberly

    Cindy…it is beautiful! well worth all the opportunities for patience during the long process!

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    • Thanks Kim! That means so much 💜 I feel fully human again now that the kitchen is DONE- 😀..I should take a picture of all of the sample tiles I dragged home trying to figure out what color would match with these crazy cabinets! Ugh.. what a long and painful process .. but just like childbirth, it’s all a distant memory now that it’s over.. yay. 👍 (Hey, you see my mermaid plaque?)


  3. Awesome. I’m reminded of our remodel…as you remember, we had the killer grease too! We’re now finishing a re-remodel, as we got a new fridge that didn’t fit…so there is spackle dust everywhere…blah!

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