Beating a dead horse


I was actually pretty frightened about googling images associated with the saying ” beating a dead horse.” You know the internet, sometimes you bump into stuff that is pretty disturbing. This cartoon however is the perfect depiction of me and my husband when it comes to his high cholesterol. I have tried everything over the past few years to convince him that it’s time to “get serious” but his most recent blood test may have finally been the right combination of words..or should I say get him motivated.

Upon hearing about his results, (yes, of course I shared them) our daughter has challenged her dad to a “points and pounds” contest; he loses points, she loses pounds. They have both set goals to meet by the end of May and the person with the most impressive results gets to choose an activity that the other person must join them in.  My daughter wants to go beach horseback riding, my husband wants to take his reluctant sweetie to the shooting range- HA!

Anyway, besides tossing out all the cheese, ice-cream and other naughties, my husband’s secret weapon in his quest to lower his bad cholesterol is of course oatmeal- the wonder food. I cooked up a big batch of steel cut oats so I can dish it out into a plastic to-go cup in the morning for him, complete with a handful of walnuts and just a kiss of honey.

*Oats’ beneficial fibers come specifically from a type of soluble fiber known as beta-glucans, which have been found to improve immune function and keep harmful bacteria away.

*Thirty-seven studies have shown when oats are eaten every morning, it reduces your risk of heart disease.

*Oats lower your blood sugar and improve your nervous system function.

*Their high magnesium and fiber content is a remedy for constipation.

*One half cup of oats has over 25% RDA of Biotin. Biotin is a B vitamin responsible for a healthy metabolism and digestion, but it also contributes to great hair, skin, and nails.



Game on.




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  1. That looks yummy! Been awhile since I made oatmeal….

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    1. Cindy says:

      The key is to complete part one at night, boil the water, add the steel cut oats.. & let it sit until morning, then cook for like 10 mins and store for individual servings the rest of the week. It is so creamy you really don’t need milk with it..just add toppings.

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      1. I also like the baked oatmeal – some really yummy recipes out there!


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