We’re in business!

When it comes to renovating a home..what at a difference a month makes!

Dining room- Feb


We officially have a dining room, YAY! I ordered the light and the chairs from Overstock.com which has really been a great company to work with. Yes, it can be a tad scary because they do not pay for returns unless there’s a defect in the product. So when I ordered these six chairs, I had to cross my fingers that they would look OK cause if they didn’t,  I would have had to pay to ship them back!!

dining room
Dining room- March

I ordered the table from Arhaus.com and was nervous about that purchase too. The table in this “Naomi” line was deeply discounted and way, way cheaper than all of the matching, complimentary pieces like the coffee table and end tables.  I asked the representative if there was anything wrong with the table and she assured me that there wasn’t…that maybe Arhaus was just phasing it out… So I ordered it with the understanding that when they delivered it I had the right to refuse it if lets say the chairs didn’t fit underneath or something…

In the end it turned out great and fit the room well- providing ample seating without overwhelming the small space.

The orchid is from our local grocery  store and I haven’t killed it yet..so for $19.95 I got my centerpiece and voila, we’re in business!



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    1. Cindy says:

      Thanks Tracey! I’ve really come a long way- ordering all of this stuff sight unseen..online. But I tell ya, the prices can’t be beat by brick and mortar stores. I would prefer to support local businesses, but the mark ups are too much for my budget. I’m going pretty minimalist here at this place, no plans to bring up any paintings or stuff from our “real” home in Florida. I actually like having less to look at.. must be a phase I’m going through. Anyway, thanks for the compliment, it means a lot coming from someone with a great sense of style.

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      1. Yes, brick and mortar has to account for the cost of the store, electricity and employees… I dream of living in an RV for retirement for a forced minimalist lifestyle…. Of course DH and I both agree we’d get a bunk room and turn it into a closet!

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      2. Cindy says:

        I’m telling you there’s something to it- beyond not having to dust as much! Of course I can’t take too much credit for my streamlined life up here knowing I’ve got a clutter fest going on down south- but I will say, every time we go home my husband and I get rid of more and more of the stuff we’ve accumulated. And I’m not saying I won’t buy one knick-knack up here..but for now..I’m good. Hey, you’ll be happy to know I ordered a small zebra-striped rug for the LR- so I will be getting animal print in here! 👍HAHA

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      3. Lol! Yes, pattern like that will take the room up a notch, smart purchase with big impact! The room won’t need any knick knacks! My daughter is planning to spend the Summer selling stuff on eBay to begin a nice purge and I am thrilled!

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  1. Very cute. My cats would LOVE those scratching posts you bought! 🙂

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    1. Cindy says:

      That’ too funny! I miss our cats so much-they are in Florida with my daughter..I thought about getting one up here and then looked at my chairs, and my sheer curtains.. yeah- not happening.

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