Jesus Calling


I gave my life to the Lord almost thirty years ago and was baptized in a jacuzzi under a setting California sun. (No, the jets weren’t on)


I didn’t see angels, speak in tongues or fall out of the water and start flopping around on the deck and quite frankly, I was a bit disappointed. I “asked Jesus into my heart” about five hundred times over the following few weeks fearing I hadn’t done it “right” and looking for a sign that the deal was real.

What I came to realize as I matured in my faith was that this was a relationship I was building.. not a one time, satellite-style launch. And just like with any friendship, you have to get to know the other person, spend time and experience life with them in order to develop that intimate trust, love and deep bond.

I’m not going to preach, but if your life feels more like a free-fall than a journey, if a week like this past one leaves you scared and sad and angry and even wondering what the point of it all is, may I suggest a wonderful little book that could transform your entire way of thinking?


Happy Easter!





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