One or two..two or three..?

So there I was, squinting through the eye doc’s little machine trying to identify letters I could not see.. (or maybe they were numbers.)

Which one is clearer? He kept asking patiently flipping the lenses back and or two?…two or three?..three or four?


I wondered how many times a day the poor guy asked those same questions, and truthfully I always feel bad when I can’t really see a difference between one and two or four and five. It’s not like he’s trying to trick me or anything (HAAA!- You fell for it!! One and two are the same!!!) but just like with color and patterns, I stink at this visual comparison stuff!  Ask the poor guy who helped me pick out flooring for our little town home…

Good heavens, I think I took every sample he had in the store back to my house to match up to the stairs and kitchen cabinets. One or two, three or four, ninety five or ninety six?..which one is better..I DON’T KNOW!!! I sent about two hundred pictures to my friend pleading for help and guess what, she picked the winner and kept me from making a HUGE (and expensive) mistake!

Great match!!! 👍-PHEW!

And no, it wasn’t just the floor.. it’s all of the decisions I have made recently with regards to furniture and subway tile, grout and window treatments, lighting and plumbing fixtures- I get so stuck when I try to choose which one looks “best.”  Let me tell you, it’s exhausting! Part of the issue for me is fear..I am so afraid of making a choice that I will spend years regretting. Reminds me of the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper I picked out for the kids’ bathroom back when we lived in Miami. I wanna tell ya, it looked adorable in the book at the store..but on the wall- holy cow!

I can still feel my stomach starting to turn as I slapped up that very first was WAAY too busy..


But I was stuck with it, at least until Hurricane Andrew blew through town. I’m not suggesting I was glad we had to suffer though that of the few good things to come out of that mess was a new bathroom and a chance to make better choices.

(I painted the wall white)

Still, that fear of making a mistake persists. A few weeks ago, I talked to a girl who works at the Home Depot here about the very colorful sea life tattoo she had on her arm from her shoulder down to her wrist. I asked her how long it took to feel comfortable making a decision to get such a huge and permanent piece of body art.  She told me she thought about it for over a year, loved it for about a year, and now deeply regrets having it done.

Yikes…what a nightmare.

No doubt about it, having fish all over your arm is way worse than having Poo all over your wall.

So yeah.  No regrets here…in like ten years-  or two. (And yes, if you look close, Ariel is sewing her legs together.. 😦)







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