Missing the obvious


I had just finished washing my brush when I saw the section I had missed.

I could not believe it!

How on earth did I not see that?  I had taken my time! I had looked it over before closing the can! It’s not like I was putting a subtle white wash stain on this little table..this was fire engine red paint!

I thought about other times when I had missed the obvious..my “lost” car keys sitting right in front of me on the counter, my “lost” reading glasses perched pretty on my head.. And while all these instances of missing the obvious make me laugh, there are other times when it’s a lot more serious.

A week ago a man my husband knew killed himself.  My poor guy tossed and turned for nights trying to figure out what on earth could have driven this husband and father to end it all. He kept wracking his brain to see if he had missed something-anything, but finally concluded that there must have been some deep, dark issue maybe none of his friends were aware of.

And that’s the way it is sometimes..people have struggles with drugs, struggles at work, struggles with family and no one really realizes the pain they are in- how hopeless they feel; they keep it so well hidden.

But other issues are obvious if we just slow down a bit and pay attention. Maybe a friend needs a hug and some advice, maybe a spouse needs to hear that he’s loved or forgiven, maybe a sad looking stranger needs a smile and a compliment.

It’s hard to make the time to keep our hearts open to others when our days are hectic and our to-do lists long, but in the end it’s so much better than looking back and realizing we were so distracted that we sadly may have missed something obvious.



Philippians 2:4 Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.




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  1. There’s been a lot of sudden and seemingly senseless death these last couple of weeks. I’m hoping we’re all done with that for awhile….

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