Git ‘er done!

Success breeds success. 

I am starting this week riding the momentum train..

train know, that chugga chugga, ready to go forward, burst of energy that the poor Panthers could NOT seem to generate in the Superbowl yesterday…? yeah, that.



Last week was a week of applying some serious design changes in my life.. reorganizing, prioritizing, moving some stuff around to avoid ‘trip hazards’ and creating a more “user friendly” environment specifically structured to maximize purposeful and healthy living . Not only was it one of the most physically productive weeks I’ve had in ages..I got tons of little stuff done and quite literally broke the mental dam on several major renovation decisions that were not only vexing me, but keeping me from making further, secondary choices.

So here’s what worked..

LISTS. I hate to admit it- they work.- pure and simple. Not only did I get more accomplished, that feeling of achievement and completion at the end of the day was pure motivation; stored and ready for use the following morning.



FITNESS GRID. I think I have the outline of a schedule that will work. Every other day is a “STEP DAY”..focused solely on achieving 10,000 steps on my (i-phone app) counter. It’s actually a lot harder than I thought to get to that number as I realize that a BUSY day doesn’t necessarily translate into a high step-count day.  There were two nights that my husband and I took walks in the dark just to get me to that magic number.

Alternate days are gym stretching class, weights and swimming. Believe it or not, it was actually a treat taking that time for myself and getting “off the “grid” for a bit. Having my sister as a work-out buddy is key.

MENTAL FITNESS: Hey- this is where it all starts.  My desire is to lead a life that matters..a life that has a positive impact on those around me. If I want to stay focused on “my mission” and create a day that reflects and supports those priorities, I need to remind myself of, and align myself to, that calling every morning.

GOOD HEALTH- No idea if I lost weight- I did not get on the scale or count calories- I just know my jeans fit. I did though make sure that the food I ate Monday through Saturday was consistent with my overall intent of being healthy. I remembered to take my vitamins (only because I put it on the list) and I did allow myself to indulge for Superbowl..a hot dog, two small pieces of cake, half a beer and kettle corn.  A healthy lifestyle is not dependent on deprivation. In fact, I’m a big believer in the importance of opening an occasional “relief valve” when it comes to successful, long term, disciplined eating.

So here’s to a new week and this wonderful source of energy called momentum..




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