Examining Failure.


I have spent the past two days examining failed dieting and exercise plans. The commonalities are striking and worthy of study.

WOOF-WOOF. Most of us behave like puppies in training…we need external motivators. Whether it’s a reunion, vacation or a wedding, having that “biscuit” dangled in front of our noses seems to give us the focus, pressure and determination needed to stick to our plan. The downside to external motivation is obvious- what happens after we get the cookie?


External motivation usually leads to major shifts and swings on the scale as we roll from the discipline of having something we are working towards to the free-for-all of having nothing on the calendar.

How to teach a dog to roll over


Long lasting, effective, consistent, sustainable motivation must come from deep within ourselves. Internal spiritual and mental balance and wellness expresses itself externally. So if a steady, healthy lifestyle is a byproduct of a settled, peaceful, and contented soul;  our minds must be tended to every morning long before we even consider our bodies.

 Just as the old fashioned scales require regular recalibration in order to produce an accurate reading..we should start each day recalibrating ourselves externally to our internal life philosophy or personal  “mission statement.” Whether this means meditation, prayer, inspirational reading or just a reminder..we need to take care of our insides first and bring our external life into alignment.










4 comments on “Examining Failure.

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing ! Very true, deep motivation is intrinsic, not external. All the best!

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    • You too Steve. I am actually going to draft up my ‘personal mission statement’ today..not to be confused with goal setting- just a written statement about what I want my life to be about. I think it could be an important, motivating, daily discipline to remind myself of the ‘greater picture’ every morning.


  2. I don’t like to think of them as “failed” plans. They were “learning” plans. We walk away, hopefully, with better understanding of what to do differently next time….And we only fail when we quit trying again.

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    • Well said! that’s why I think it’s invaluable to discuss what we “learn”.. sharing and comparing our “findings” with others. Despite our differences, it’s amazing how similar our patterns are, both the ones that lead to success and you know..learning! 😊

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