Sinking under a pile of poor choices-Romans 7:15

Romans 7:15- I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, I do.

Last night while we were painting, my husband and I watched an episode of ‘Hoarders’ on TV. It never ceases to amaze me how we as humans are able to continuously adapt to the negative consequences of the choices we make, even when they are an obvious threat to our health and well being. And while I could never tolerate living in absolute squalor, I do have the ability to grudgingly accommodate the very real and cumulative fall-out of my own poor decisions.


My biggest struggle these days is finding the motivation to choose to exercise and take better care of myself. I have more than a few aches and pains that I am convinced would improve if I simply decided to make some changes in how I eat and move.

But every day I make the choice not to do any of these things.


Well I guess at this point the promise of feeling better and the physical pain of not.. simply aren’t strong enough catalysts to get me going.

The most successful intervention I ever saw on Hoarders was an episode where the Humane Society removed the person’s pets because her home was so filthy. This was clearly an immediate consequence she couldn’t live with and her home was cleaned up in no time so she could reclaim her animals.

Maybe the key to change is found in transforming the imagined or future consequences of our inaction into something more immediate and personally unacceptable.

I just have to think what that could be for me.





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  1. I resonate so much with this and can find days when I perk up and get moving ,but not with any constistency… It frustrates me that the motivation isn’t there… I am heading back to WW this week and have my daughter’s graduation in May to keep focused on, fingers crossed! Then again what will I use for motivation after that???

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    1. Cindy says:

      You sound like my friend today..we were asking ourselves #1 what would motivate us longterm and #2 why we even need those external motivators? In other words, why it isn’t enough to know (for a fact) that exercise makes us feel great and look great? Why do we need other motivators like a vacation or an upcoming wedding to help us stay on task? It’s as if the results don’t count unless we are able to show them to others at some major event or achieve them by some milestone..but then what happens after that? It’s so frustrating!

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  2. momsranting says:

    I find myself in the same boat as you. As I am parked on the couch reading your blog. So, it’s your fault. If you weren’t so damned entertaining….I’d be working out now. 😉

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    1. Cindy says:

      HA! – I’ll take that as a compliment..but I tell ya, my friend and I had a long conversation today about why we just don’t make the time to do the things we KNOW would be good for’s really weird!! And it’s more than just not having’s because we just don’t wanna..”and nobody’s gonna make me!” We are trying to devise a plan to keep each other accountable for exercising.. haven’t perfected the idea, but will share it after we see how it works.

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      1. momsranting says:

        please do!!


  3. It’s because the endorphins from a short-term reward (couch and chocolate) are just as powerful, if not MORE so, than those from achieving a long-term goal (health, weight loss.) We sacrifice the goal for the instant gratification.

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    1. Cindy says:

      You know what I also find, especially at my age? work your rear off to reach that elusive goal, but unlike a trophy that you can put on your shelf and have to keep re-earning the after day. The minute you let up.. (and once you hit 50..I do mean the very minute you stop working our or eating right) all the hard won progress evaporates.. I guess that’s why I feel so strongly that this has to be an entire mindstyle change- emanating from deep inside..a complete conversion in how we think and how we want to live…we get to choose how we want to live-either continuously chasing that which seems forever out of reach..or looking inward for new direction.

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      1. Exactly. The margin between “maintenance” and “loss” and “gaining” is freaking microscopic. (I wrote about that once:

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