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When pigs fly

This morning I read an article about a woman who flies with her “service pig.”  Seems this piglet’s presence calms her while she travels.


Well that’s just great, isn’t it?


I have a fear of flying as well, and if I had to endure a flight with a squealing pig next to me, I’d no doubt end up in the funny farm myself. The article is full of supportive, cute piggie pics (more than a few with his attractive, potentially press hungry owner) but there’s also a disturbing picture of an “emotional support  turkey” that recently took to the sky to provide comfort to its nervous owner.

Imagine if you got on a plane and that ugly turkey was your seat-mate, ..I’m sure you’d lay an egg!

..I guess what’s good for the oinker is good for the gobbler. We might as well just make seats available to accommodate the whole barn. As for me, I’ll just get more meds from my doctor and stock up on anti-hystamine; just in case I sit next to a shedder.

Crazy world.




I blogged about the service animal concept “gone wild” last year.

What’s going on here? (February, 2015)

Diane Carr in Oklahoma has a therapy kangaroo too


Diane Moyer was asked to leave a McDonald’s in Wisconsin last week because she brought her ‘therapy kangaroo’ into the restaurant to have lunch with her.  She explained to the complaining diners that he was her Emotional Support Animal and that she had a doctor’s note allowing him to accompany her. None of that mattered to the cop who was eventually called; He told her that she and the “roo” would need to go.

This man is probably jotting down his address so the airline can send his refund to him.


According to the National Service Animal Registry, cats, dog, mice, rabbits, birds, SNAKES, hedgehogs, rats, mini pigs, ferrets, and many others qualify as therapy animals provided their owners have a diagnosis of some form of mental illness.  Larger animals qualify as well according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  People with anxiety disorders are now actually allowed to bring “ESAs” emotional support animals and “ESPs” emotional support ponies into businesses with them, even on airplanes when they travel.

Woman and her emotional support pig disembarking.

There are, however, a few factors that could land certain animals on the “no fly” list as one woman recently discovered when she brought her 80 pound support swine  onto a US airways flight from Connecticut to Washington DC. Seems her therapy buddy had anxiety issues of his own and began squealing when she tied him to the armrest. Eventually the flight attendants asked her to take her pig and leave the airplane which luckily was still at the gate. She left, but unfortunately several stinky souvenirs from the encounter remained in the aisle.  One passenger told a media outlet that he was now going to be needing his own emotional therapy pet to help him deal with the trauma of the entire malodorous incident.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals as much as the next person, but after reading about the therapy kangaroo, the emotional support pony and this little piggy.. I have concluded that we have all gone ape. I mean what’s next.. snakes on a plane? (gosh, that sounds so familiar..)

You just know this woman in Wisconsin is going to sue.  She’s probably ‘hopping mad’ and I’m here to tell you.. she’s going to get millions. Let’s face it, kids at McDonalds tend to act like kangaroos anyway so who would have been hurt having one more wild animal bouncing around? clownMy advice to Ronald…settle buddy. You have no idea what her lawyers could pull out of their’s not worth it.

As for me, I’d like to believe nothing shocks me anymore..but somehow I keep getting proved wrong. Maybe I just need to adjust my attitude..

..and make sure I bring some hay and a nose plug the next time I fly.



16 comments on “When pigs fly

  1. Snakes on a plane? *Snicker.* I don’t think your attitude needs adjusting, Cindy — you’re a compassionate person who can relate to the fact that others may be anxious about traveling. The thing is, is it really fair for person’s anxiety to inconveniencesan entire plane-full of people (and create a huge clean-up bill for the airline)? Not to mention the case of the “companion turkey.” I have a friend who is outright phobic of birds and it would have been impossible for her to board that flight. Who would have the greater right to take the flight in that case: the lady with the turkey, or the lady who can’t fly with a turkey? And don’t even get me started about these Internet docs who will “prescribe” a service animal for anyone who pays the fee. Jeez. Now I’m foaming at the mouth too.

    Maybe I should get a companion animal to help me cope? Ha ha.

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    • I fly with my hubby..he’s my emotional support animal..HAHA!! But in all seriousness..I mean this whole situation is completely from a practical standpoint..what happens when the pig or pony has to “go?” 😷 Back on earth, you’ve got people taking their dogs everywhere..and I REALLY love dogs (!!)..but once I walked into TJMAXX and there was a literal dog fight happening right inside the door by the purses! AHHH!!

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      • Your hubby is your emotional support animal?! HAHAHAAA! That’s *fantastic.* (And also very sweet, in a way.) But … a dog fight inside TJMAXX? Meh. I see people fighting over the double-clearance items all the time. 😉

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      • true.


  2. PS: “The thing is, is it really fair for one person’s anxiety to inconvenience an entire plane-full of people (and create a huge clean-up bill for the airline)?” DOH.

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  3. Great rant. Very funny. Ha ha.

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  4. The minority rules these days. Take the case of a child who has a peanut allergy. No one is allowed to bring peanut butter sandwiches or anything that resembles one to school. In my day, if I would have been allergic to something, I would have been staying home. My parents wouldn’t have expected an entire school to change their eating habits for me. Same with the flying. As someone above commented, how do their rights for a service animal trump someone else’s rights to have a pet free flight? I would have been gagging over pig poop.

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    • It really has gotten crazy. Did you see the picture of the guy with his emotional support pony? I mean frankly, that’s just a flat out hazard. So we are told to stow our bags under the seat, and yet another traveler can keep his horse loose or a pig in his lap? And yeah..imagine if the animal had to poop…😫


      • Maybe they shouldn’t fly if they are that traumatized by it. I personally would rather drive but sometimes flying is necessary. Our grandson lives in CA and we’re in Nebraska. Would not be bad except with hubby still working, we have time constraints.

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      • I didn’t fly for 25 (!!) YEARS because I was so freaked out by the thought. I drove PLENTY..and pretended I preferred it so my kids wouldn’t know I was afraid. I still have a bit of an issue, and I’m telling you..if someone had a loud, smelly animal on the plane, I would HAVE to get off. So as you said, I would be he one inconvenienced, not the person schlepping their farm animal. I bet if that happened, the airlines wouldn’t give me a refund either.


  5. Probably not.
    The only reason I prefer driving is because of the inconvenience of flying. Getting there early, waiting to get on the plane, waiting to get off the plane, the freakishly small seats, the ridiculous thing they call a bathroom, not being able to take water along but having to buy it there for more $$. I’m not afraid, but think that would be awful. I normally don’t get ill either but once in the past few years when we made the trip to CA, I had a dry socket and was taking medication for the pain and I got so sick to my stomach, it was miserable. Here’s to some Xanax for you and bigger seats for me.

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  6. I think I’d be whipping out my nail file and thanking the airline aloud for the fresh bacon. Sure beats those tiny bags of pretzels….(I think that MIGHT motivate the person to take a later flight)

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