Memories, and what to do with them..


I’ve seen “Christmas Vacation” a hundred times– so I should have known better.

But the attic was slightly cooler than normal yesterday morning, so I took the opportunity to climb up there and sort through my disorganized Christmas stuff..most of which I didn’t use this year as I didn’t get back down to our Florida home until less than a week before Christmas Day.

I have way too many accumulated holiday decorations, so I thought I’d give some to Goodwill, keep some here, and fill a small box to take back to North Carolina so I can decorate up there next year when the town house is a bit more put together.  (Ok…A LOT more put together!)

So there I was yesterday, just like Chevy Chase in the movie, going through piles of  snowmen, angels and Santas many of which I haven’t seen in years… completely overcome, I mean totally bowled over – flattened like a pancake (!!) with a terrible case of the blues. I wound up my entire Christmas music box collection… one at a time… one last time… before putting most of them into boxes to donate. I thought back to how annoyed the kids would make me when they had all of them playing at the same time and..


I kept asking myself..”Why are you so choked up silly? These are such amazing, fun and tender memories! You have four precious kids, a wonderful husband and we have celebrated so many magical Christmases together!”

It’s not that I’m not grateful, it’s not that I don’t realize how blessed I am, it’s just that those sweet moments are over and everyone is grown up, and holy cow- I’m suddenly so old and wrinkly, and I DON’T KNOW WHY, but it’s all sooo depressing – especially the week AFTER Christmas!

I eventually dried my tears, lowered all the stuff down the ladder and piled the boxes and bags overflowing with ornaments, lights, wreathes and garland into the back of my car. The biggest bag contained several expensive porcelain dolls that I used to display every December. I swear the one in the green velvet dress was giving me a look like “HEY! You can’t give me away! I’m a part of your family’s Christmas legacy!”

We had a quick stare-down in the driveway, I lost my nerve and dutifully brought the dolls back into the house.  I  sternly announced to my daughter that if she, or anyone else, wanted them for their own homes one day, NOW was the time to speak up!

“Are you kidding?!” my youngest blurted out..”Look at those creepy eyes! I never liked those dolls, they freak me out.”



And just like that, I was emotionally back on track.

I rescued the blonde one (because I always liked her the best)  and put the rest back in the car.

porcelain doll

Creepy eyeballs… 😡 har·rumph!

Today I’m headed back up into the attic…

this time to take on the Easter bunnies.




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