The Simple Pleasures of Christmas

This is a first.

I’m the mom who can’t wait to wash that last Thanksgiving pot so I can start madly decorating my house for the holidays.  For obvious reasons, that isn’t happening this year…

and it’s oddly fine with me.

Maybe it’s because our situation here is a bit overwhelming and disorganized. (Just a bit- HA!) Dragging decorations or a tree into this “construction zone” would be …well…completely nuts!  I don’t have any of my Christmas trimmings anyway..they are all smushed into plastic containers safely stacked in the attic back in Florida. My daughter did buy me one box of lights while she was visiting over Thanksgiving.

I have them strung (or is that more like flung?) on the stairs.

string of lights

Did I mention I’m (surprisingly) OK with all of this?! 

Last night I stayed up late and did some wrapping.  As the little pile of gifts grew, I found myself just loving the colorful paper..and the ribbon.. and the items I had carefully picked out for each of my kids and my son’s wonderful wife.  I looked around my messy workspace, brightly lit by my husband’s portable construction lamp, and took a few minutes to recognize and thank God for our many blessings..all of them…family, health, a heater that works, a piping hot cup of sweet, wild orange tea (Tazo – it’s the BEST!), my flannel pajamas and fuzzy polka dot slippers and most importantly, God’s amazing grace… real and tangible blessings, both big and small, that sometimes get lost in all the fa-la-la-la-la.

 These are the simple pleasures of Christmas, and this year, thanks to the fact that I’m short one “fa” and a few “la-s”.. I plan to pay attention to them all.

wrapping paper
Shiny wrapping paper from it!









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  1. The purple passion Tazo is the shiz bang dealio too.


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