Changing Seasons


 There is a time for everything. There’s a time for everything that is done on earth. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Every so often it hits. Maybe “hits” isn’t the right word..maybe “rolls in” is a better description.

Like an approaching storm front, it’s a cold, moody, grey feeling that creates pressure on the bridge of my nose..right between my eyes I could cry at any minute, for any reason.

If I give in to it, I can devote the entire day to feeling weary and spent, indulging myself in melancholy thoughts about days gone by and worries about how old I suddenly feel or how far away my kids are.

Maybe that’s what set me off this time, taking our youngest back to college after the Thanksgiving break.

Just as we arrived at her dorm the setting sun enveloped the entire campus in a beautiful, pink glow. She loves her school, and I am so grateful to see how comfortable and happy she is living there. But by the time we drove away the sky had grown dark..

and suddenly, so had I.


When I get like this I try to remind myself of this verse in Ecclesiastes that paints a picture of life as a series of seasons that come and go, come and go.. everything comes and goes. We’re either entering a new chapter or closing out an old one.  This is life’s natural progression and it’s completely normal to feel a tad blue as we pass from one season to the next.

But as I have recently learned moving from sunny Florida to a now rainy and chilly North Carolina, these changes in seasons go over much better when we face them with a positive, hopeful, expectant attitude…and a warm pair of socks.💜



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  1. I’ve had a rough month or so myself. Hugs and balloons!

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    1. Cindy says:

      you too…🌺

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