It’s always such a leap of faith when you buy one of those small, heavy boxes with a picture of shelves on the front like I did this past  week-end at Target. There’s just this nagging doubt that A. you be able to put the thing together and that B. all the 539 pieces will add up to be what you hope you actually purchased. Of course it doesn’t boost your confidence when the first thing that falls out into your lap  is a piece of paper warning you:

STOP!! DO NOT return this thing to the store!!!



I know I’m not the only one intimidated by “furniture puzzles.”  Every time I have to build this kind of stuff, it reminds me of the beautiful, wooden trundle bed I bought for my daughter at a very expensive, local store about 8 years ago. I waited almost ten weeks for delivery, and to my horror, when the guys from the store finally showed up, they carried in a head, foot and side board and then, you guessed it, a wagon-full of small boxes. These two linebackers spent about three hours cursing and banging away at about 18,547 pieces until they suddenly emerged in my kitchen and told me that they “officially gave up” trying to put the bed together and that I should just call customer service to ask what next steps to take. Now this was a purchase from an actual brick and mortar store..not Overstock or Amazon or Pottery Barn.  I could NOT believe they left me with screws and wood pieces scattered all over the bedroom floor and the three large wooden pieces simply resting against the wall, but leave me they did!

That night I wrote one of my best complaint letters ever (it was a beauty) which sadly produced nothing more than a pathetic little coupon for 20% off a future purchase. Unfortunately, the shop went out of business before I could look for anything else…you know, like a 946 piece nightstand.


IMG_5540 PS: I did it!!! 👍

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