I had a dream..

last night…

I dreamt I was walking through a field of flowers; a soft wind caressing my dewy skin.

In the distance I could see him..

my husband..

(and WOW, he had hair on his head again!)

but more importantly he was pointing..


to a clearing.

The reflection of the sun was blinding,

but as I got closer, I could see it..

a brand new,

double door,

gas range with a big bow on top!

It was so sleek

so angular

so perfect.

I ran up to it,

leaned over the top

and wrapped it in an embrace.

But my elbow hit the side of the oven door handle

and it hurt

real bad..

so bad that..

I woke up.

My left arm was awkwardly stuck under my stomach;

almost numb..

but it hurt!

I rolled over and lay there for a while, rubbing my aching appendage and contemplating what it means when the love interest in your dream is not your husband, or Brad Pitt,

but a GE appliance…

and you’re actually fine with that.❤️

Brad-Pitt-2 vs. ranges-double-oven_rangesvs.tom


photo credit: www.linkedinriches.comwww.geappliances.com

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