Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding..
This is a picture of 10 month old Darina Gromova, the youngest victim of the recent Russian jetliner disaster. Her parents must have sent this photo to relatives prior to boarding the ill-fated plane.  As if the crash wasn’t tragic enough already.. we now find out there were so many little children on board.
My heart just plunges into darkness as I try to imagine the depths of despair so many must be feeling over the sudden loss of their loved ones.
At times like these, many people ask “Why does God allow this to happen to innocents such as Darina?
 I remember once years ago I had my son at the pediatrician getting his inoculations. He screamed out in pain as the nurse sank her needle deep into his chubby little leg.  After she was done, he glanced up at me with a look I will never forget. His sweet, round eyes were full of confusion, hurt and fear as tears streamed down his pink cheeks – There was no way his little mind could understand why mommy would have betrayed him and allowed this happen..with him sitting right there in the safety of her lap being held in her loving arms! And of course, because he was a baby, there was no way I could explain why I had not shielded him from this pain…so I just held him close, rocked him and reassured him that I was there with him. My heart ached at that moment not simply because my child was hurting, but because this incident was affecting his feelings towards me.
The only way I can make peace…not sense…but peace with life’s tragedies is to remember that (just like a baby) I am completely  ill equipped to fathom God’s ways. As a mere human, I am incapable of understanding His thoughts or His actions (or lack thereof) so I don’t try…I just trust Him and know that He is holding me close and that he loves me like a father would love his child.  There are those who see events like this plane crash as proof that God either doesn’t exist or doesn’t care, but the truth is God never promised us perfect lives, in fact He said that in this world we would have troubles.  What He did promise us is that He would walk with us and support us and love us when times are terribly tough.
 “Lean not on your own understanding..”  but know that “I am with you.”
  He is with us always..
  ..and He is with them.
Another photo sent before the tragedy with the text message “we’re going home.”

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