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So this is more of a recommendation than a recipe.

Since we moved up to Charlotte in late August, I have been eating very differently than I’m used to..more restaurants, more meat, more delicious stuff that’s just not healthy. We’ve been busy, living in a small apt, I’ve been lazy, uninspired, and hey.. having someone else cook is awesome! Last week, when we got back from our trip to St. Louis, we went straight from the airport to the Cheesecake Factory.  Flying is a big issue for me, so I tend to celebrate when it’s all over.

And celebrate we did…


I had fried macaroni balls and some cheesy, saucy, creamy delicious pasta creation as an entrée…bread loaded with butter- (lots of it), a Long Island iced tea to swirl it all down and obviously cheesecake for dessert..I mean DUH!

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That night I awoke at around 3am with the worst upper belly pain ever. A first I thought I just ate too much, the next morning I thought it was the flu..three days later I made an appt at the doctor. I think it may be my gall bladder.  Is all of this related to my crappy eating?  I’m not sure..but I do know I feel much better already after about  three days of eating fat free.

There are three potent motivators in life: pleasure, money and pain. This pain, and the fear of it “hitting” again, has made eating right an easy task.

With pain avoidance in mind, I finally bought steel cut oats. My daughter has been on me for years to eat a bowl every day like she does. Oatmeal fills you up, lowers your cholesterol,  and is one of the most healthy things you can eat in the morning. Now I’m not a huge oatmeal gal..frankly, I’m not a huge breakfast gal either, but oh, how I want to feel good  again…  The past few days have been a lesson for me about the cumulative effect of eating like you’re on an extended vacation.

It’s time to get real here.

oatmeal1Anyway, I followed the directions on the box to make a large amount of oatmeal that can be kept in the fridge for a week. Every morning, you just scoop out a cup full, microwave and easy is that?

To make the oatmeal you simply boil the right amount of water, add the oats, cook for a minute, cool off and then store overnight in the fridge. The next morning you cook the oats for about 10 minutes and that’s it! You have oats ready to be eaten on the spot and/or stored for the rest of the week.

oatmeal2I am making these changes to my diet because I want my body to work as designed. Honestly, I’ve been shocked at how impressively lousy I’ve been feeling the past week-  and like tumbling dominoes,  it has affected everything. I can’t be up all night in pain and sluggish the next day. I figure if I’m able to stick to a healthier general framework for my diet, I can make the occasional trip to “the factory” and not fall off a cliff. I just need to make sure that 90% of what I’m putting into my mouth makes me feel good…not lousy.



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  1. Good luck! for the record, oatmeal never really filled me up – I needed eggs or other protein for that!

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    1. Cindy says:

      I’ve eaten it almost every morning this week..with nothing added but a little water to thin it out..surprisingly not terrible..


      1. Google some recipes for baked oatmeal….some really tasty ones out there! I like it a lot…just find it doesn’t fill me all that long for the calories.

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      2. Cindy says:

        I’ll definitely try it..sounds good. I saw a blurb this morning online with Sanjay Gupta talking to a doc about sugar..scared the heck outta me. I mean I know sugar’s not healthy, but this was downright scary. I need to really focus on eating “cleaner” again.

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      3. I make mine with maple syrup or honey, and it doesn’t need much since it has fruit in it. (Which normally is a lie that sad healthy people tell, but it’s totally true in this case!)


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