There’s no place like home.

I can’t quite explain it..

this sense of equilibrium I feel when I’m back in Florida..

rocking on my porch swing..

listening to the palm fronds softy clapping in the breeze..

watching the rising moon play hide and seek behind a steady stream of incurious clouds.


Surely the moon is just as bright up there

in North Carolina

and I simply




Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.



(photo credit;





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  1. heyjude6119 says:

    Change is hard. I hope you start to feel at home very soon, up there. We’ve been very interested in moving to the Carolinas. They seem like a nice place to live.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Change is hard for sure..harder this time for some silly reason. You’d think it would be the opposite because it would be easier (no kids going through it, new schools etc) We move out of our apt at the end of November, into a little town home we’re buying..that will keep me busy..busier. We also still have our home in Florida..never thought I’d be s snowbird, but here we are…HAHA. Carolinas ARE nice, most importantly, the people are very friendly. I just need to adjust to the adjustments!


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