Here we go… again.


My husband and I started our married life in the quaint and historic town of Saratoga Springs, New York. We had a teeny, tiny apartment on the top floor of a converted victorian mansion only blocks away from the famous horse racing track.  I remember cleaning out the fridge on our last day there and placing the boxed, top layer of our frozen wedding cake on the outside window sill so it would stay cold while I defrosted the little freezer. Tradition has it that you’re to eat this part of the cake on your first anniversary for good luck.


Needless to say, I forgot it was out on the ledge and we drove away without it.


Oh well, we’re about to celebrate our 35th Anniversary- So much for that old wive’s tale.

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  1. I admire anyone with the willpower to leave cake in the freezer for a year. Or a week. Or actually GET any to the freezer.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Too true, but if I remember correctly, the top of the cake was usually something less yummy that could stand the freezer for a year..something like carrot cake? Ill have to ask the birds that probably pecked mine to bits..HAHA

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