So, how’s your weather?



Back in ’96 our family moved from the Florida Keys to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My mom used to call me from the sunshine state and start every conversation with the same question:  “So, how’s your weather?”  (Yeah, that used to annoy the heck outta me because I figured she had probably already watched the weather channel and knew darn well it was sleeting.) 😡

My answer was always an annoyed “what difference does it make?” The truth was, as a frantic mom with three busy kids and a colicky newborn, it didn’t much matter what the weather was; clothes had to be cleaned, infant had to be changed, piano had to be practiced, homework had to be completed, dinner had to be made, sports had to be played.

That’s simply the reality of life when you’re raising a family. You don’t have time to consider the weather or much else for that matter..your mood, your hair-do, the ache in your lower back, if you miss the warm sun on your face or your yellow home on stilts back on Islamorada.. there’s simply no allowance for any thoughts that are even remotely that self-indulgent.

And then one day, your last kid goes to college and you have it.

You have the time to ponder..

whether or not you’re feeling blue

or bored

or you’ve got a little pain

in your left big toe.

Even the weather starts to matter

way more than it should.

storm bad

The photo above was taken last week as I was driving home from the grocery store. A front was moving towards our neighborhood and I was desperate to get all my bags into the house before the heavens unleashed their fury.

I actually really like this picture because it symbolizes this uncertain stage of my life. There’s a lot of turmoil and change and anticipation swirling right now and this photo reminds me not to wallow under my own grey thoughts. I need  to keep my eye on all the bright possibilities that still lie ahead and  keep looking and moving forward ..

The choice is simple..I can keep traveling towards the sun or pitch my tent under the clouds.

I choose the sun. ☀️



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4 Comments Add yours

  1. fifi + hop says:

    Love this, and as a mother of two young kids, it was an optimistic read for me, but I’m sorry about your turmoil..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cindy says:

    When I get down about our impending move, I just turn on the TV and watch stories of the refugee crisis hitting Europe. These people have real turmoil in their lives.. their plight puts my life in immediate perspective.


  3. heyjude6119 says:

    Where are you moving?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy says:

      North Carolina!


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