“Then you will know the¬†truth, and the¬†truth¬†will set you free.”

I am a political junkie in search of a lasting cure…and I’m getting ever closer to total healing thanks to cable TV. Yes, my cure will come in the form of a TV screen split into four boxes with people screaming at each other. ¬†It’s not just the yelling that is so off putting, it is a much deeper phenomenon that underlies each one of these flaming-hot “debates.” The darker problem is lack of honesty and truth.

I watched three supposedly ¬†intelligent people on CNN yesterday behaving like “The Housewives of New York” arguing over inner city crime and calling each other liars..and worse. ¬†It was a doo-doo fest of carefully crafted accusations and counter accusations, most of them clearly manufactured to support larger political agendas.. few having any basis in fact or truth.

We are moving into a scary time where truth is nothing more than an after thought… like perfume, it’s a nice addition if the scent agrees with you, ¬†but it’s completely unnecessary to advance an idea or cause.


If John the Apostle was right, and truth sets people free..what will all this misinformation do?








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