🎶 Turn, turn turn…


About a week before we took our daughter to college I woke up and the bedroom was spinning. This was not to be confused with feeling dizzy..the room was literally rotating past my eyes. The inability to “snap out of it” and make it stop was profoundly unsettling.

I struggled for several days with the symptoms coming and going until I finally went to the doctor. She prescribed a medication that worked quickly and effectively. I have since been able to stop taking it and seem to be fine – for now.

Vertigo…who would have thought? It came out of nowhere and almost threatened to upend our entire trip. As I read about the condition I found myself falling into uncomfortable categories of people who are prone to this type of problem- the big one being  “women over fifty”……..OUCH!!


I guess some things are inextricably linked to getting older, and no matter what I do to take care of myself, I can’t ignore the shifting statistics regarding certain health issues. This doesn’t mean I won’t keep fighting the good fight to stay as fit and healthy as I can, but obviously there will be occasional adjustments..

For starters -no more downward dog.

Hand-drawn illustration of a woman doing yoga.


Photo credits: www.mariamedia.net – www.atlasfamilychiropractic.net – www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk








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  1. I had a bout of this while on a beach vacation… It’s been several years now, fingers crossed it doesn’t return

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    1. Cindy says:

      You and me both! At one point my daughter asked if I would be able to drive..I’m like honey, I don’t think I can WALK! 😧

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  2. hmunro says:

    I’m so sorry you went through this, Cindy — it sounds really scary and disorienting. I hope it was just an isolated incident and that soon it will be only a memory. 😦

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    1. Cindy says:

      At first I was more amazed than anything..it was unreal..but after a few days I started to really worry because I couldn’t do anything. I did a youtube video ‘exercise’ that was supposed to help and fell over I was so disoriented. 😱 yeah..after that it wasn’t so interesting anymore…

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  3. heyjude6119 says:

    That sounds miserable. Do you think the downward dog is what triggered it? I put my back out this morning but I’m hoping it’s a mild case. I’ve done some exercises and it seems a little better. It goes out more than I do. The price of getting older.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Honestly, I’m not sure what on earth caused this. I had a terrible night tossing and turning and was aware I was dizzy and didn’t feel well..but in the morning when I went to get up, I was in a salad spinner. I am being very careful with my head so as to keep my ear “balanced.” I would be scared to death to tilt upside down right now. Supposedly this is caused by crystals in your ear that become dislodged. (crystals..how glamorous..who knew?)


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