2 Corinthians 3:4

Such confidence we have through Christ before God.


Thanks to my father’s line of work, my sisters and I did a lot of traveling as kids. Some of the places we ended up were let’s just say edgy..iffy..fascinating and terrifying all in one.

I can remember standing next to our caretaker, Capi, in places like Algeria or Morocco with lots of loud conversation going on around, and obviously about, us. I never had any idea what was being discussed, but suddenly it would go from tense and scary to all smiles..and we’d be ushered on our way.

I had full confidence that as long as I stayed close to Capi, I’d be safe no matter where we were. He was our father’s representative and ours as well.  He walked with us and when needed, walked ahead of us. He cared for my sisters and me as if we were his own kids.  He  secured our safe passage in languages I couldn’t understand. Without him, we would have been lost.

I see Christ in much the same light.

I am a deeply flawed person with no inherent status or earned privileges before a righteous God. Standing alone, I have no chance, no hope.  But Jesus is the great mediator, the bridge, the way.


I will always be safe, secure and forgiven as long as I’m with HIM.






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