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A day in the life of my pink flamingos

Hey, I couldn’t leave them home alone!😏

buckled in and ready to go!
Heading into town
Quick stop at the Sprint store..the guy tried to sell me a new pink i-phone case..HA!
Picked up a few items at Bed Bath and of my pink ladies started fussing.. (guess which one) 😉
Grabbed some iced-coffee at my favorite little Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru..
And finally, a well deserved nap! I swear I thought I heard them saying that after all that running around, they were open to the idea of being recycled.

And now an observation on life in the United States. We are either the most polite people on earth (not likely- see exhibit A- Donald Trump) or something else is going on. In all my travels yesterday with two pink, plastic flamingos hanging out of my purse..not ONE person said a word to me about them- NOT ONE!

So, is that a good sign or a bad sign?? 🇺🇸

11 comments on “A day in the life of my pink flamingos

  1. HAHA If you had passed me I would have swooned! I am absolutely in love with flamingos. This is adorable lol–overall, clever social experiment.

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    • I did it just for fun..but it wasn’t long before I realized that I was smack dab in the middle of a social experiment all right. It was very interesting!! So much for Homeland Security’s admonition to us citizens that if we “See something, say something!” HAHAHA!!! 😆


  2. I think it’s always an excellent sign when people let you do your thing — as long as you’re not endangering yourself, those around you, and especially your plastic flamingos. (And who knows? Maybe you’ll start a trend!) 😀

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    • It was actually getting really funny..I could see people staring, but no one said anything!! ( if I had had them in a baby carriage-someone surely would have said something..haha! ) Maybe they thought they were my service flamingos. Last week a girl walked into our local Home Goods store with a HUUUUGE dog. He didn’t have a service vest one said anything (that I could tell)..there’s a Pet’s Mart a few doors down..maybe she just thought turn around was fair play..the dog got to “shop” so now it was her turn! …everybody brings everything everywhere these days so hey, whats a couple of quiet, well-behaved plastic flamingos? 😂

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  3. THIS IS BOSS-LEVEL AWESOME. Take them to the dentist! Put them on the 25cent kiddie ride outside KMart! Check their blood pressure at the drugstore!

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  4. This really brightened my day, thank you!

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    • My son actually called me a few days after I posted that and left this message “Hey mom..did you seriously go shopping with those flamingos? me.” Man, if I knew that’s all it took to get the grown kids to call mama, I’d have a zoo’s worth of plastic animals ready to roll. 😆


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