Real Simple Magazine


If I was only able to read one magazine every month I would choose this one. Not only is it full of great little recipes and helpful ideas, it has some wonderful articles. One of this month’s featured essays by J.I. Baker is a bittersweet story about a 9 year old pit bull named Buster that the author saved from being euthanized at a Manhattan animal shelter. As anyone who had ever rescued an animal knows, some come into their new loving homes with “demons” that can never be fully exorcised. This special story hit home for me personally as my daughter adopted a kitty years ago whose personality was shaped and cemented by whatever horrors she had experienced prior to her rescue. I truly cannot imagine anyone being as patient, loving, forgiving and ultimately accepting as my daughter has been with her cat. I heartily recommend the July issue of REAL SIMPLE if for nothing else than this touching piece. (And yes, I tried to figure out how to copy it and just put it up on my blog, but I could not (for the life of me!) figure out how to do it.. SORRY!!

Real SImple Magazine- July 2015


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  1. Roci says:

    This is my absolute favorite magazine! I look forward to it each month!

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