Tossing expired medications


I am embarrassed to admit this, but when I recently performed a “deep cleaning” of my bathroom I realized I had quite a few really old pills at the way top of my cabinet. I even had left over nausea medication from when my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed- years ago!

As I looked at my growing pile of expired bottles and boxes I wondered how to properly dispose of them. Well, worry not- there’s a website for that! A surprisingly large number of meds can be flushed, and there are step by step guidelines for disposing the others, including what to do with the containers that have your personal information on them.

I am a much happier camper now that I can open my cabinet door without stuff falling down on me! Here’s to an organized, streamlined life!!! Less really is more, 🎉 YAY!


4 comments on “Tossing expired medications

  1. Our local library has a depository for expired meds. It’s awesome!

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    • wow..I have never heard of that! just so long as no one breaks into the library looking for drugs…


      • HAHA that wouldn’t be MY first choice but….

        They do record all transactions into (and, presumably, out of) the depository. I used to mix my expired meds with used cat litter – if you want it THAT badly you are welcome to it.

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      • the kitty litter method was one of the suggestions on the govt. website.. learn something new every day!

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