Use more nutmeg!

Nutmeg with leaves.

I am continually amazed when I read about the health benefits of herbs and spices.  The less meat we eat at my house, the more I lean on them to keep meals interesting and flavorful.  Who knew that so many were so good for you?

Sprinkle some nutmeg on bananas, rice or oatmeal to quell stomach aches, spasms and diarrhea. Nutmeg is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial “qualities.”  Plus it just tastes good! (Dr. Oz)

4 comments on “Use more nutmeg!

  1. Plus a small pinch totally obliterates the bitterness from cooked greens. Really. Try it!

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    • Really..I never heard of that..even collards? Cause I have yet to find a way to prepare them that doesn’t result in gross-ness.

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      • I chop them, and dice a sweet onion. Add up to a 1/4 tsp of nutmeg and some broth. Cook down. Bonus points if you drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Actually edible.

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      • I’m going to try that.. .the last time I ate them they were swimming in so much bacon and fat just to hide the taste..it was awful. 😓 Thanks for the recipe!

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