Happy Nuggets





The other day, as I was browsing around on the internet, I came upon a site with a collection of interior design photos. This one, very small apartment in particular, had such sweet, miniature displays scattered around. The kitchen counter had a small metal container with a bouquet of spices in a vase and some other decorative knick-knacks in it.

 The living  room had a tray with a stack of books and other collectibles arranged on top.




The Bathroom had a tiny basket of toiletries.


I was impressed with the little, thoughtful touches and expressions of the owner’s esthetic and attention to detail.  What a terrific and cost effective way to draw your guests’ gaze to specific areas in a tiny space that simply could not accommodate anything on a “grand” scale.


As I get older, I am becoming more and more aware of the importance, value and beauty of small things…tiny displays, short vacations, little gifts, a thoughtful note, an intimate restaurant…. moments in time.

A life filled with bite-sized “happy nuggets” can be just as deeply satisfying as an all you can eat buffet of wall to wall pleasures…maybe even more so.   Just as the owner of the apartment created such charming personal touches within the limited square footage available to her, I need to learn to work within the parameters of what is possible in my life at the present time and use any limitations that may exist as opportunities to be even more creative with how I choose to “decorate” my days.


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  1. This is my moms house to a “T”. The above pictures are quite inspiring, fresh, and offer wonderful ideas. I may have to arrange something new for my dining room table. Happy decorating, MiaM. 🙂

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