I’m done.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was gathering up and organizing all of my daughter’s photos for her senior scrapbook.  This book covers the past 18 years of her life; from diapers to cap and gown.  
This is my fourth (and final) Senior scrapbook for my fourth and youngest child who will be graduating from high school this coming Thursday. I am pleased to say that except for one page set aside for photos of the festivities; I’m done!

school days preschool prom9bro

As I predicted, piecing together page after page of precious memories was fraught with emotions of every kind.  Going through hundreds of photos, the adorable pictures she drew and the hysterical stuff she wrote was poignant and brought back many wonderful memories. Two of my favorite notes that she penned in second grade were “My dreams are to love a prince” scribbled on a scrap piece of paper, and a mother’s day card in which she wrote about how great it must be (for me) to be her mommy.



Yes, it has been great honey, and remember..

No matter where you go,

or what you do..

even if you marry a prince

or become president..

(hey, you never know)

I will always be your mommy*


*Don’t worry..that doesn’t mean I’ll be moving in with you.

(Look for my new blog coming this fall: Depressing Dispatches from the Empty Nest…haha?)

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