woman-in-white-lying-against-white-sheets-with-headacheI couldn’t deny it any longer.  I had to face the fact that I had somehow developed allergies.   I never had issues with mold or grass or anything..until about ten days ago. Then out of nowhere, I suddenly developed a host of symptoms.

I complained of my daily head ache to my husband who reminded me that it was that time of year with all manner of trees blooming and pollen accumulating like dust. I talked to my mom about the pressure, the heavy-eyes, the fatigue and this yucky, unshakable feeling of malaise. She told me she had a friend who developed terrible allergies later in life.

Of course, no matter what I talk to my mother about, she always seems to have “a friend” curtis-house-firewho has personal experience with whatever we’re discussing.  These  mystery friends either have the illness I am worried about, had some horrible experience in the city I’m about to visit, got food poisoning at a restaurant I have reservations at, or burned their house down with the same type of scented candle I just bought. (I told her I never met anyone with such a large collection of unlucky “friends” HAHA)

Anyway, I started taking Zyrtec about a week ago; it helped a little, I thought..but not near as much as I’d hoped.

Fast forward to this morning.. I got up nice and early to brew my 2 cups of Joe. I poured the water into the tank and shook the last of the coffee into the filter cup. I reached for my glasses so I could read the name of the variety I had purchased before I threw the empty bag away. It was a new brand that I had recently picked up at the grocery store because it was buy one, get one free. I stared at the label.. Gevalia, House blend, medium ground coffee, decaf.


need-coffee-2I am a serious three to four cup a day coffee drinker- two first thing in the morning, and at least one at 3pm. I need caffeine to wake me up at dawn and to keep me going through the afternoon. Decaf… seriously, DECAF? All of a sudden everything made sense..the pounding headaches, the fatigue, the mental fog..I had gone cold turkey on caffeine without even knowing it!

So much for the allergy diagnosis!

You just gotta have a sense of humor..or getting old will drive you nuts! My eyes are getting so bad that I may need to start wearing my reading glasses on a little chain around my neck so I am never, ever without them-glasses__i_can__t_see_without_by_laila_san-d368vc8 especially (obviously) at the grocery store!

Even though the whole decaf-drama is kinda funny in retrospect, the truth is that I needlessly put myself through a pretty miserable time. Something so simple, like making decaf coffee by mistake, had caused me days and days of  unexplained misery and unnecessary physical pain.

I thought about several episodes in my life when I felt bad in a different way..blue and sad, annoyed or mad.  I hate to admit it, but there were times that I also overlooked obvious answers and simple solutions that could have made a big difference right away.

Sometimes all it takes is a few minor adjustments to make our lives a whole lot better. But the first step is “putting those glasses on” and taking a clear and honest look at the many, seemingly unimportant choices we automatically- and sometimes carelessly- make each and every day.


 If you haven’t already, read “12 choices” in Just a Thought, April 6.

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